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Dear Kevin,

I wanted to take some time to thank you and your great team of professionals that transformed our pool landscaping ideas into an actual beautiful reality. Your attention to detail from our initial meeting to the last day the work was completed was very much appreciated. You kept us apprised of the progress of the work meeting with us regularly to explain what was happening with the project. As a consumer and homeowner, you have no idea how helpful this was during the entire life of the project. Henry and his crew were diligent, courteous and very personable and we appreciate all the hard work that they did to complete the project as promised.

I really appreciate your patience and your help with the additional things we added to the project that weren’t in the original design. The end result is a beautiful, inviting back yard pool area and an overall curb appeal with the work that was done in the front areas of the house.

Irma and I couldn’t be happier with the transformation of our entire yard including the work your crews did on the pool coping and travertine decking. We truly do appreciate how well managed the project was and the minimal disruptions to our daily activities.

Please feel free to share our thoughts with prospective customers as we highly recommend Valley View Landscaping to anyone with a similar project or with a different landscaping need. I am confident that they will he as highly satisfied as we were with the professionalism and end result.


Pedro and Irma Figueroa


To all of our valued clients please be aware that there is some name confusion occurring about our company. We are Valley View Enterprises, Inc., an Arizona corporation, formed in 1992. We have operated under the registered tradename of Valley View Landscaping since 1997.

Recently, other companies have begun operating under names similar to ours. We do not operate under the name Valley View Landscape, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company or Valley View Landscaping, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company. If you have any questions concerning these other companies please research your records to find the appropriate contact information and direct your inquires to these alternative companies. In the meantime, please know that our legal team is addressing the confusion.