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Should I Hire a Pro or Do My Own Landscape Work?

Landscaping is a form of art. Look at your bare garden, backyard or front porch as if they were a blank canvas and imagine how you would like them to look. Glorious and exotic lush all around or a minimalist and neat? In the following paragraphs we are going to give you some hints on pros and cons about various landscaping-related topics. Enjoy reading!


Whether you live in the Southern States or up in the freezing Northern areas, your landscaping project should start from here: the climate. Plants and flowers you might want to see blooming in your garden, just may not be the right ones to stand long and freezing winter seasons or sunny and hot, long summers. We all have experienced how frustrating it is to see a much beloved hydrangea suffer and eventually give up hope under to heavy snow. So climate is one of the reasons you should consult a Pro to pick the right plants and flowers for the specific climate your garden is going to face.


Just as any other long-term projects, your garden needs planning, too. Each of your plants and flowers will be growing at a difference pace and this means you need to foresee how much room each of them will need in the long run to keep those beautiful proportions and let each of them show exactly right. Here also you might want to consult a Pro to envisage the growing pace and trimming needs to keep your garden look as expected over the years to come.


Perspective means: will you be enjoying the sight of your landscaped garden from a specific room of your house? If so, would you like to see a particular plant from there? Would you like to have a specific colour for that flower bed so that it matches your living room? Would you like your fence to match nicely with the rest of the neighbourhood? Or, would you rather like your garden to show a more personal look? So many options available here! Consulting a Pro means you will get exactly the result you wished for without wasting precious time in trying to grow the wrong species but picking the right ones straight from the beginning for a successful blooming when the time comes.


Here we go with another key topic. How much time will you be able to devote to garden maintenance? If you are enthusiastically considering like “every weekend” then you just might end up frustrated once you realize this is just not possible. Many other cores will be demanding your attention and the garden might fall to the bottom of your list. Professionals are a great help here and a careful maintenance and trimming schedule will result in keeping your garden look great throughout the year. Another great advantage is that Pro trimming will result in better growing and blooming.


What if in your landscaping project you may wish to include those special features you have been dreaming on for ages now. You perfectly know that your expertise is definitely not skilled enough to handle them. Swimming pools may require installing a full piping system, which you cannot handle. The pond might need a more careful cleaning system to keep mosquitoes away but still you wish the flowers around it will attract butterflies. You are looking at that very cozy niche in the corner and you see yourself sitting around a stunning fire pit with family and friends. And what about the nice walkway through to the backyard?

All the above topics are part of your landscape project but you are aware that your personal DIY skills may not match the expertise required.

Consult a professional company to help you see your dream garden come true.

Our team of experts at Valley View Landscaping is here to help you with concept designing and full-color CAD and architectural rendering to let you see your finished garden exactly as it will be. Moreover, our skilled technicians and engineers will offering complete landscaping services, including travertine around pools, archways, pathways, fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, plants, lawns and flowerbeds, and will design and install your outdoor lighting.


To all of our valued clients please be aware that there is some name confusion occurring about our company. We are Valley View Enterprises, Inc., an Arizona corporation, formed in 1992. We have operated under the registered tradename of Valley View Landscaping since 1997.

Recently, other companies have begun operating under names similar to ours. We do not operate under the name Valley View Landscape, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company or Valley View Landscaping, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company. If you have any questions concerning these other companies please research your records to find the appropriate contact information and direct your inquires to these alternative companies. In the meantime, please know that our legal team is addressing the confusion.