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Landscaping Mishaps: 15 Mistakes To Avoid

Landscape planning our backyard is a complicated process. If we decorate inside our house, some things should be thought of; what happens with landscaping is that the elements to consider are different.

In the garden what is sought is harmony. We want to have a piece of nature in our homes, but maintaining order. Generally, the taller plants and placed behind the lower front so everyone can have the amount of light they need. Now, what if a plant grows more (or less) than you planned? Then we will have no choice but to prune them if they have become very large, or transplant them elsewhere if they are small. These and many more mistakes can be done when we do not know when to define the point where our garden is “full”, and want to absorb too many things instead of sticking to a single style.

Lack of overview in planning

  • A builder would not dream of building a house one room at a time, even if they have no present plans in advance. A gardener must have a plan too. This could include solid elements such as patios, walkways, and fountains, just like irrigation and plant selections. The real work does not have to be completed at once.
  • Working in stages is much easier on the budget, and not so overwhelming. The important thing is to stick to a plan in order to ensure the continuity of a subject or an existing design.
  • To avoid having to transplant (or cut) plants, it is very important to plan a good design (paper or computer) of how we want our garden, looking for adult dimensions of the plants we want to place so you can see a balance and harmony of colors and shapes, without being out of tune.
  • Equally important is to know the hardiness of plants, because you cannot put a plant that does not stand in a climate where winter will be as 0°, for example.
  • It is important to know what height and width will mature plants, also to prevent overly populated areas, an error that is also very common in gardens. It may take time, but that time will save us trouble and unnecessary spending of money.

Practicity and Usage

  • One of the main problems that people who invest in landscaping is the overlooking of the costs or maintenance and overall work required. Depending on the size of the garden, the distribution and the amount of elements, it will be the amount of work put into preserving and keeping up the garden.
  • Making sure that the furniture you set is both comfortable and fits the environment of your space. In the end, landscaping is done with an object to relax and have a “getaway” spot, and the furniture and ornaments should represent that.
  • If you work hard to create a prosperous, attractive landscape, you may feel especially frustrated when insects damage plants or make miserable to spend time outdoors. Before reaching out to strong chemical pesticides loaded side effects (both for your family and your plants), try bug-repellent plants on its borders, or look for organic alternatives.
  • One season flourishing: Avoid plants that will only be good for one season, and choose the ones that can work in the climate you need them to, or that can keep leaves all year round, even if they flourish on one single season.
  • Choosing the right tools will make your work easier and ensure that you will not harm your plans or double up the work.


  • Water makes up between 70% and 80% of the weight of our gardens and lawns mowed itself is composed of about 90% water. While most people are concerned not water their lawns enough, the reality is that they are the gardens that are damaged or destroyed by excess water for lack of it.
  • Not taking proper care in airing the roots is a commonly overlooked priority. Aerate a garden usually recommended when the soil becomes compact and water and nutrients cannot reach the roots of the plant. The lawn aeration equipment, such as dowels or plugs will help you extract soil of the earth, letting the air enter.
  • Making poor choices in relation to the windows, hallways and entrances. It is so important to know both the growth habit and size of the mature plant to make your selections. When scrolling through the grounds of a nursery, kids are prone to get injured in the light of a pointy or thorny plant. To the inside as well as to the outside, the backyard should generate comfort, not displeasing.
  • It is important to connect the style of your house to the backyard to generate the harmony that you have been working so hard to create in your home, let it expand to all your land in a single line.
  • Overall, it is important not to overdo the decoration, a jungle-like backyard will be a door for insects, animals and a lack of peace of mind.

Being a landscaper is almost a profession of risk, whether it is done for hobby or as a way to earn a living, everything that can happen to you and so you have to work. But as everything is done with passion is very rewarding, and if you do well, the rewards will be long-lasting.


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